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About Our Business

South Mtn. Media was  formed purely out of a love for helping small business owners meet their true potential through inspired branding and creative marketing. Though we have grown into a full agency, offering numerous services to our clients, we still stay true to our humble roots. 

Why We Stand Out In The Crowd


We are relentless about helping our clients achieve their goals. 


We know talent and knowledge are not enough without tenacity.  


Success is our focus. We are driven to improve daily and  surpass all expectations. 

Core Values 

Our core values are not just words or phrases. They are the backbone of who we are. They guide us, encourage us, and drive us to be more.

1. Embrace and Drive Change 

We embrace new ideas, technologies, and fresh perspectives because we know embracing change is not only empowering, but also critical to success.  

2. Pursue Growth and Learning 

We never stop exploring and challenging ourselves to acquire new knowledge and test our comfort zones, but most importantly, we share our discoveries, successes, and failures. 

3. Honesty and Integrity 

We exhibit honesty and integrity at all times. We believe there are no moral shortcuts in business or in life. This is the foundation of everything we do. 

4. Own it 

We hold ourselves accountable for outcomes, good or bad. We dont pass the buck. We don't quit either. If we fail, we find a way to succeed - always.